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Basenji Club of NSW Inc.


The Secretary
Dr Debra Braithwaite

3 Salo Crescent



M: 0429 655 599
H: 02 6765 5599



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Drop a line

Thank you for contacting The Basenji Club of NSW Inc. via our website.


This is an automated reply, so please read on for further information.


The Club website contains the contact information for our President, Secretary, Treasurer, Puppy Officer and Rescue Officer, under the tab “About The Club” and then “Office Bearers”. There are also sections on the site about Basenji information and links to a variety of other excellent resources.


If you would like to talk to someone about acquiring a Basenji, our first point of contact is with the club’s Puppy Officer, who has many years of experience in the breed and can discuss what owning a Basenji entails for those who have never been owned by one. Helen Church is the Club’s Puppy Officer and can be reached on 0407 928 168. You can also approach any of the Club members who are breeders on the Breeders’ Directory on the website, via their individual contact details. Please note that in the current COVID-19 environment, there have been limited opportunities for Club members to show or to represent the breed at events we have supported previously as a Club such as the Sydney Royal Easter Show and the Sydney Dog Lovers Show, so it is a little bit harder to get to meet Basenjis. We have also experienced a dramatic increase in inquiries about the breed, with most breeders who are planning litters this year already having waiting lists. Remember that the majority of Basenjis will only cycle and breed once a year, so puppy season is usually from April-July. Puppies arrive outside this time frame uncommonly.


For more general inquiries, or to join the Club and receive our newsletter monthly from February to December, please see the membership application on the website or contact the Club Secretary, Debra Braithwaite at

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